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Livejournal is still here!

So once every year or two I get an e-mail telling me that either my domain is expiring or my hosting account is coming due... and of course my LJ paid accts expire, too. And so pretty regularly I'm prompted to think long and hard about whether I want to incur the expense since I'm clearly not active on LJ anymore... and it usually prompts me to check in on LJ and - if not post - at least click around and see who's still active etc. Sadly - most of my friends and comms are about as active as me. :(

I can't promise I'll post regularly but I'm still around...

Here's a quick update:

  • Been through a few jobs since last I typed - that's not exciting. To quote The Who: meet the new boss... same as the old boss.

  • My dog is awesome and rad (though not so much today - very barky and I have a headache... and she ripped the screen off of our bedroom window trying to get to a cat)

  • Still obsessed with The X-Files and Supernatural... but I've added a few new obsessions to the list - chiefly The Walking Dead; others are listed below

  • Haven't cracked open Photoshop in forever. I got a laptop and I find it's not at all conducive... now I'm looking at an all-in-one desktop option so maybe that'll change

  • I'm obsessed with Instagram (PM me and I'll send you a link if you want to follow me)

  • I'm curious about Tumblr but don't understand it... I'm old, remember?

  • Can't. Stop. Listening. To. Podcasts

  • I might have forgotten how to code html/css

  • I've made 10 quilts since I posted last...

  • Everything else remains the same

Current fandoms (plus one that's been gone a while and one that just ended):

  • The X-Files

  • Supernatural

  • The Walking Dead

  • Game of Thrones

  • Justified

  • Breaking Bad

  • Sons of Anarchy

  • The Americans

  • Castle

  • Hawaii Five-O

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Modern Family

  • Veep

Still love Buffy, Firefly, VMars, BSG, etc., blah blah... :)

Here's mah puppy!

Check in and say HAI!! if you see this!!

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