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hello? is this thing on?

Whoa Nelly! It's been a year? Cheese and crackers. And my paid acct expired. Sad.

Been thinking bout my LJ friends - who've prolly all given up on me - and how much I miss this place... my year (plus a few months) long absence coincides almost perfectly with how long I've been back to work AND how long I've had my smart phone. This goddamned thing has basically made a brick out of my desktop. I don't even dust it let alone turn it on and load Photoshop. Sad. I need a laptop. This phone is awesome except LJ is impossible to use on it practically speaking. Srs... it's taking forevs to the this.

Been busy working... lots of drama there. I could go on for days... and I might given the chance. I don't really have an outlet for that aggro.

Took up an old hobby - quilting. I'm such an old lady. But it's fun and relaxing and takes my mind off of stresses... of which there are sooooo many. Plus quilting fabrics are way cooler than they were 15 years ago when I last worked in a fabric store.

Some things don't change. I still love Jensen Ackles and SPN and XFiles. Did my phone srsly just correct XFiles to read cholesterol? Jaysus. I discovered True Blood, Mad Men and Friday Night Lights while I was away. I'm rewatching Lost right now. LOVE all over again.

Oh and 90% of my time is devoted to my puppy. I'm totally one of those weirdos who treats their dog like a child. But she's the sweetest, most adorable and crazy thing in the world. Drama there too... but for another time.

I need to scoot before my phone and the LJ editor add any more random words. If this post doesn't make sense then that's my excuse.

K. Hi honeys. Love you. Miss you. I can't promise more icons or another update soon but I'll try. I need to focus on scratching together $20 to renew my paid acct
expired and get rid of these franking ads. Baby steps!!!

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