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random fan-ness

K so I just re-watched The Curious Case of Dean Winchester - which I loved - and I am still awe-struck by how awesome the old guy was playing older Dean because he so totally nailed the mannerisms and the speech and the look and the walk and he was pretty hot for a super old guy too. So kudos to the casting department on that one. Plus... I also loved the actor that played the witch in that episode. He reminded me of Doyle from the first season of Angel.

I'm juuuuuust about finished my epic XF re-watch. It's taken me forever but that's because I took a big break and because I watch it while I go to sleep so I fall asleep more often than not. Anywhos... I'm on the last couple of disks. I have Jump the Shark, William, Release Sunshine Days and Truth I/II to go and then the awesome extras. :) I'm totally digging season 9. It's my fave of the last two seasons and the best since season 6. I will do the XF meme that's going around when I'm finished my re-watch.

I picked up Friday Night Lights a couple of months ago. I watched seasons 1-3 just in time to catch season 4 on NBC. I devoured each season. OMG I love Coach Taylor and Riggins like no body's business. If you do not watch this show, do it. I guarantee you'll love it. It's not just about football and it's not just about dumb kids being dumb. More than any other show out there, the people on this show seem so real. They live in normal houses, they wear normal clothes, make up and hair, they say normal things... nobody is perfect... it's incredible. They should have been winning Emmys out the ASS all these years.

K that's all for fandom. I'm *still* working on my graphics comm layout. It's slow going because the dog takes up a lot of time and because she hates to be upstairs where the computer is. I can't leave her alone lest she eats another stick of butter. o__O I need a laptop.

I've been cleaning like a sunofabitch the last day or two in preparation for my best friend from back home. She's visiting for a couple of days with her girlfriend. We've known each other for nearly 30 years. OMG. OMG.


Oh. My. God.

WTF? 30 years? That doesn't even seem possible.

K I need to finish cleaning bathrooms and doing a shit tonne of laundry.

- karen
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