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why do i have these bella/edward icons?

So I saw Twilight last night at midnight....

First off... the theater that is minutes from my house is the most kick ass theater in all the land. I don't think a lot of folks realize you can leave Seattle's city limits and go out to the boonies and sit in such an awesome, cheap, 100% digital theater... and I kinda like it that way because that means the movies are never sold out.

Um. I think the population of my town doubled last night when the Twihards descended. It took me 45 mins just to get a freakin' diet coke. There were so many teenage girls there and they were all fucking annoying. One of them was literally SCREAMING. Like. For real. And they were rude bitch-asses too, bumping into you, running around like idiots. My friend Kendra nearly punched on in the throat but decided against it since the girl was a minor. Besides, Kendra feels certain that in a few years, that girl will mouth off to the wrong chick in a bar somewhere and get a fist in the mouth.

The movie itself... Well, let's just say it was cheesier than finely aged cheddar - and I'm alright with that! I mean... that's the expectation anyway. My friend Jenny (to my left) was literally sobbing throughout the whole movie. I think she was crying before the thing started, for crying out loud. But then... that's her thing. She cried during Fantastic Four 2 - and will never live it down. On my right was my friend Gayle - new to Twilight... Kendra subjected her to both movies on Sunday as a precursor - and she laughed her ass off through the whole thing... in part because it's just THAT bad and in part because Kendra couldn't stop speculating as to the size of Edward's vampire schlong ("HIS HANDS ARE HUGE, MAN!! The next movie should be called "Breaking Bella's Hymen" and that shit's gonna hurt!").

Taylor Lautner was half naked for prolly 95% of his screen time. I think that's 5% too little, personally. He definitely made things better. And he doesn't have the pansy sparkly skin of a killer thing holding him back from taking his shirt off all the time so yay.

I need some shirtless Jacob icons STAT. I can say that now because he's 18 and I won't feel too much like a cougar.

All in all, it was fair. I think better than the first two but then... duh. They were pretty awful. I *hate* that they replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria. That was totes lame. Glad Mike Newton didn't have much screen time. Wish Anna Kendrick did. Love Bella's hair - even if it is fake. This was a much better wig than in the last movie and I'm glad Kristen Stewart didn't feel the need to futz with it every five seconds. Edward annoys the piss out of me more and more.

I'm working on designing my graphic's community! When I do that, I'll post some icons. Also... Happy Canada Day to any fellow canucks reading. :)
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