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meme time

It's a meme!!

Comment and say "I wanna play" and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favourite films of theirs.

This was kind of hard for me because I don't care for a lot of actresses. I just don't. Don't know why. I had a much easier time picking movies for the actors. :)

book232 gave me the following names:

Boy type actors:

Ben Affleck
Book's MEAN. As if I could choose one film. Well, in fact, it was quite easy. Chasing Amy is my favourite Kevin Smith movie and my favourite Affleck flick as well. It's hilarious, subversive and wrong... but oh so right.

Honorable mentions: State of Play, Hollywoodland, Armegeddon, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats, Good Will Hunting, and Dazed & Confused.

Denzel Washington
He's obviously made finer movies but Man on Fire is randomly one of those movies I could watch at any time. He has incredible chemistry with Dakota Fanning. It's touching and exciting.

Honorable mentions: Training Day, American Gangster, Remember the Titans, Fallen, Crimson Tide.

David Duchovny
Also a mean choice... :) But I'm going to go with Return to Me. Bonnie Hunt is one of my heroes and she made one of the funniest, most touching movies EVER in Return to Me. It was nice to see David in something funny and sappy. Plus Caroll O'Connor...

Honorable mentions: X-Files: Fight the Future, X-Files: I Want to Believe, Kalifornia, Trust the Man.

Steve Carell
My favourite role of his is obviously Michael Scott but we're talking movies here... There were a few good choices, but I went with his first "big" role - Anchorman. His isn't a large role but it's memorable. He's so creepy and awkward.

Honorable mentions: 40 Year Old Virgin, Date Night. Before you ask, I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine. No reason.

Johnny Depp
I'm not a huge Tim Burton fan so like half of Johnny Depp's roles are out of the question. :) But he's always incredible even if the movie is crap. Public Enemies was not crap. This movie was awesome and underrated.

Honorable mentions: Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Sleepy Hollow, Platoon, From Hell, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - tho the original is still WAY, WAY better.

Alan Arkin
I'm going WAY back here... to the Audrey Hepburn days. Wait Until Dark is fucking scary... like Hitchcock is scary... not like Saw is scary. Alan Arkin is a great menace.

Honorable mentions: Sunshine Cleaning, Marley & Me, Indian Summer. And no. I still haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine. No reason.

Steve Martin
I'm a much bigger fan of Steve Martin's later movies than his coked-up, crazy movies in the 80s and 70s... but there's no beating The Three Amigos for sheer stupidity. Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short. I mean... c'mon.

Honoroable mentions: It's Complicated, Cheaper by the Dozen, Father of the Bride.

Sean Penn
He's arguably one of the best actors currently working... it was hard to pick just one but I'll go with Milk not just because it's an incredible, true story and a great film but Sean Penn literally disappeared during this movie. I realized half way through that it was Sean Penn I was watching... and it's not like I went into the theater not knowing he was the star. Truly incredible.

Honorable mentions: Mystic River, Dead Man Walking.

Kevin Bacon
I'm a woman in her 30s so uh... DUH. Footloose. As if there were any other choice.

Honorable mentions: Frost/Nixon, Mystic River, Wild Things, Tremors, Apollo 13, Murder in the First, A Few Good Men.

George Clooney
My ex-boyfriend (don't worry... we're on great speaking terms) has made so many fucking awesome movies that this was the hardest pick of all. Ocean's 11, though... it looked like they were having SO much fun making this movie, that it won out over the others. It's also the movie that made me understand why folks consider Brad Pitt to be a hottie... because Kalifornia had ruined him for me before this flick came out.

Honorable mentions: He doesn't make many bad movies... Up in the Air, Michael Clayton, Ocean's 12, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings, Out of Sight - which very narrowly lost out to Ocean's 11.

Girl type actors

Laura Linney
Funnily, I'd list Laura Linney as one of my favourite actresses but I noticed that I haven't seen too many of her movies! Odd. The Savages however... I love her in this. She's just so... disastrous. It's brilliant.

Honorable mentions: Mystic River, Love Actually, The Mothman Prophecies, Absolute Power, Primal Fear.

Marcia Gay Harden
If you've been paying attention, you'll have seen Mystic River has been an honorable mention for like half of this list. It's a fucking brilliant piece of film making but then... it's Clint Eastwood. Marcia Gay Harden's character might be the scariest of the bunch for all her heart-breaking coldness.

Honorable mentions: The Mist, Into the Wild.

Julia Roberts
Again, had a hard time with this one. She's one of my favourite actresses - and I don't have many of those, frankly. I went WAY back to the movie that makes me cry like a freaking baby each and every goddamn time... no matter how many tens of times I've seen it - and it's all because of Julia Roberts - Steel Magnolias.

Honroable mentions: I almost went with Erin Brockovich but there's also Charlie Wilson's War, Ocean's 12, Ocean's 11, Conspiracy Theory, Sleeping with the Enemy, Flatliners and Pretty Woman.

Gillian Anderson
DON'T THROW ROCKS AT ME. I actually don't care for most of her movies. *ducks* But luckily, there's always Fight the Future!!!

Honorable mentions: I Want to Believe, Last King of Scotland and Playing by Heart. I would list Straightheads because she's freaking brilliant in it but it's a really awful story. Likewise, House of Mirth holds an incredible performance but the movie makes me zzzzzzzzz.

Don't HATE!

Meryl Streep
So many choices!! I went with Julie & Julia - which was half awesome, half kinda good... the half with Meryl Streep was the awesome half. OMG. Like Milk, I forgot that I was watching an actress and not the real person! Incredible.

Honorable mentions: Postcards from the Edge almost made it on top, believe it or not. Also It's Complicated, The Devil Wears Prada, A Cry in the Dark, Silkwood.

Halle Berry
Meh. She doesn't so much do it for me. A super attractive woman but as an actress she's only so so for me. Plus, 99% of her pictures on the interwebs are of her in a bra or otherwise with her boobs hanging out. Classy! I picked X2 mainly because it's the best of the three X-Men movies.

Honorable mention: X-Men.

Lili Taylor
Another example of a really fine actress whose movies I never watch! Odd. I went back to an old underrated Ron Howard/Mel Gibson movie, also starring Rene Russo, Delroy Lindo and Gary Sinise... Ransom. It's definitely worth a watch. Very tense and Lili Taylor is fantastic in it.

Honorable mentions: Public Enemies, High Fidelity.

Joan Cusack
She's fantastic! I should see more of her movies. She should MAKE more movies. I woulda picked Toy Story 2 and 3 except it seems like cheating. Besides, School of Rock is awesome sauce.

Honorable mentions: Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, High Fidelity.

Salma Hayek
I had to ask Book for a different actress when she originally picked Penelope Cruz for me. I hadn't seen a single movie with Penelope Cruz except Sahara and that was a piece of shit. So Book picked Salma Hayek. Um. Practically the same problem!! *shame* But I can't go wrong picking a Kevin Smith movie and Dogma - while only moderately better than Jersey Girl - was pretty damn funny in parts what with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock and George Carlin in the mix.

Honorable mention: The Faculty is actually kinda good cheese.

Emma Thompson
Another actress that I profess to love but don't ever watch her movies. Still... she's fantastic as Professor Trelawney so I picked my favourite Harry Potter movie - The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Honorable mentions: Order of the Phoenix, Wit, I Am Legend, Love Actually, In the Name of the Father, Dead Again.

So there you have it. Comment if you want to play!
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